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Lifetime InstallationWarranty

Wooden Floor

At Millworks we pride ourselves on our installation expertise and having customers who are completely satisfied with our services.  Millworks warrants that all installation work is to be professional and in accordance with industry standards and practices.  Should a product fail as a result of an installation error, we will repair or replace the issue with the same product.  If the same product is not available, we will replace it with a product equivalent in cost, quantity, and quality.  The customer agrees to accept a reasonable replacement product or substitute if necessary.   Any costs that are in addition to the original installation agreement will be the responsibility of the customer.  This warranty is non-transferrable.  

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Dissatisfaction caused by improper environmental conditions or improper maintenance including unapproved cleaners and cleaning materials

  • Changes due to characteristics of natural wood.  For example, but not limited to squeaks, gapping, or fading

  • Damage caused by accident/abuse or direct results from the lack of using proper floor protectors such as felt pads and slips sticks.  Note, these must be cared for and/or replaced periodically

  • Damage caused by pets

  • Issues from structural movement.  For example, but not limited to conditions resulting from settling, subfloor fluctuation, expansion, or contraction

  • Installation methods requested by customer against our advice.  For example, but not limited to installation over not approved substrate, such as particle board

  • Losses, damages, or additional expenses for anything other than the flooring.  For example, but not limited to missed work, hotel fees, or kennel costs

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