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Vents are an important component to consider when you’re planning your flooring project.  They come in a wide variety of materials to complement your flooring choice.  

Registers, grills, and returns are vents.  They’re a necessary part of your HVAC system, but being functional doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive. 

There are also different styles of vents to consider.

Flush with Frame Vent

Flush vents sit flat on the subfloor, flush with the level of your flooring, and give the cleanest look.  The frame of the vent is permanently installed and the vent can be lifted out for cleaning.

Base Vent

Base vents are designed to cover duct openings near the base board. The angled face of the base vent covers the entire opening.

Insert Vent

Insert vents have a self-rimming lip that sits over the duct opening in the floor.

Egg Crate Vent

Egg crate vents are used in floors, walls, or ceilings where maximum air flow is necessary.  They can be either flush mount or insert type

Wall Vent

Wall vents are surface mounted on walls, often in line with a run of baseboard or just above it.

Ceramic Tile Vent

Ceramic tile vent cradles hold fitted pieces of ceramic tile in the frame so that your vent fits the look and style of your floor.

MLF Vent

Multi-layer flooring vents are designed for multi-layer flooring including vinyl, laminate, composite and resilient.

Your Millworks sales associate will be happy to help you select just the right components for your vents.  

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