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Moulding enhances and defines doors, windows, walls, and floor in your home.  While most noticed for their aesthetics, mouldings also protect these areas as well as well as complete the construction in some cases. 

Moulding Room

There are many different types and styles of moulding.  Moulding comes in solid wood to be stained or painted, primed mdf or finger jointed pine for painting, and flexible polyurethane based products which can be stained or painted. Traditional, classic, modern decor, and everything in between can be achieved with the right combination of moulding.  Our Millworks sales associates are the experts in putting together just the right combination of moulding for your style and taste.  

Millworks stocks hundreds of feet of moulding in solid wood and primed moulding.  Additionally, we have access to thousands of different profiles through our network of suppliers.  And, what really sets Millworks apart from lumber yards and big box stores is our ability to reproduce moulding from a sample or drawing or to make custom profiles.  Whether you need 6 feet or 600 feet, we can get the job done.    

While there are many different types of moulding, here are a few of the basics:

  • Baseboards cover the area where the wall meets the floor.  They help to protect the wall from scuffs and scrapes from shoes, furniture, and cleaning tools.  

  • Crown moulding was originally a practical solution to cover the gap where walls met a ceiling.  With today’s construction methods, the practical side of crown moulding has given way to an aesthetic side. 

  • Door and window casings were originally used to cover gaps where doors and windows were installed.  Door and window casings also helped to protect plaster around interior doorways and continue in that vein today, while also giving style and definition to the openings. 

  • Chair rail was originally used to protect plaster in homes when chairs and furniture were pushed up against walls.  Today’s uses are more decorative, though, and help to define zones on walls in rooms. 

chair rail
  • Wainscoting is installed below a chair rail.  Traditional wainscot is wooden panels that are framed with moulding.

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