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Even with the wide variety of floor covering options  to choose from these days, carpet still remains a staple in many homes.  In addition to the wide range of styles, colors, and textures to choose from, carpet is also soft, quiet, and warm.  

However, not all carpet is alike.  Quality carpet resists staining, is durable, and  has texture retention which means it won’t crush or mat.

Millworks offers high quality polyester and nylon carpet. 

  • Polyester does not absorb liquids easily and is naturally resistant to staining. 

  • Nylon carpeting is porous and is typically treated with a stain resistant coating such as can be found in our Shawmark Anso and Shawmark Stainmaster carpet options.  

  • Nylon carpet is strong and has excellent texture retention.  Shawmark Anything Goes Collection offers the only no mat/no crush warranty in the industry.  There are two options for warranty, a 10 year or a 20 year depending on the product chosen.  If matting or crushing occur, the carpet will be replaced.   Additionally, Shawmark Anything Goes is double tested for performance; 8000 revolutions instead of the industry standard 4000.  

Important factors to consider when choosing carpet:

  • Face weight determines a carpet’s durability.  Maximum durability requires a face weight of at least 35 ounces.  The best carpets have face weights over 40 ounces. 

  • Look for carpet with high twist level.  Four or fewer twists lead to poor performance and unraveling.  Twist level of five or better will provide best performance. 

Carpet pad is the foundation on which your carpet is laid and it does more than just provide a softer walk. 


  • The pad protects the carpet from wearing from contact with the main underlayment. 

  • Cleaning is more efficient because a vacuum can lift the carpet slightly to remove more dirt and allergens from the carpet. 

  • Carpet pad dampens sound.

  • Carpet pad has a higher R value than carpet itself and can help to keep a room warmer. 

Millworks offers a 7/16” mesh backed 8 pound pad as our standard option.  The mesh back increases the longevity of the pad and as there is less break down over time, it extends the life of your carpet.  This pad is made in the USA and is 100% recyclable.

We also offer another pad available by special order which is Pet Bloc.  Pet Bloc has an exclusive spilltrap moisture barrier preventing spills and accidents from reaching the cushion or subfloor.  It also has an “ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatment” .  This pad is an 8 pound pad and is also 7/16” thick. 

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