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    Vernon and Colleen- Peoria Customers

    Vernon was "extremely pleased with Jarod, Bob, and Ryan".  He said he didn't get to meet Ryan and Bob, but his wife Colleen did and she was so comfortable with them, trusted them, and was so happy to visit with them while they were on her job.  Vernon is ex- military and said if these were his boys he would have written them a very good review.  He couldn't say enough about how happy he was with Jarod and his professionalism, and Ryan and Bob with their wonderful people skills as well as install skills.


    Thanks to HGTV and Chip and Joanna Gaines, it's all about Shiplap these days. 

    So, what is Shiplap anyway? 

    Shiplap is a board that has a rabbet (groove) cut along each long side of a board-one facing up and one facing down.  When boards are placed next to each other, these rabbets "lap" over each other and create a nice, tight joint.  The joint was traditionally used in ship building, hence the name shiplap.

    Shiplap is a versatile material.  It can be used to panel a room, on an accent wall, as a backsplash... Use your imagination to come up with a unique shiplap use that suits your style. 

    What's exciting about Shiplap from Millworks?

    • Your shiplap is made right here, by us, FOR YOU.
    • Your shiplap is made from a variety of rustic hardwoods-More species to choose from.
    • You can order your shiplap by the square foot.-get what you need.
    • We can custom finish your shiplap.
    • We can install your shiplap.

    And, you'll be surprised at how inexpensive your custom look can be!

    Shiplap Gallery

    • ship_lap_1
    • ship_lap_4
    • ship_lap_2
    • ship_lap_6
    • ship_lap_3
    • ship_lap_5
    • ship_lap_7
    • ship_lap_8